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Dr Bajwa provides opinions for all conditions of the hip and knee and welcomes all correspondence from GPs, Physiotherapists and other Specialists. He is also available for any urgent calls or referrals at any time.

Which Patients Can Be Referred?

Any patient can be referred to Dr. Bajwa irrespective of financial status (health insurance) or circumstance for review (workers compensation claim, third party, or public liability). As Dr Bajwa has public hospital and private hospital appointments, he can treat patients with or without private health insurance. If a patient has a condition that cannot be treated by Dr Bajwa, he will do his utmost to find the appropriate specialist to provide the best possible care.

Who Can Refer A Patient?

The referrer is usually another medical practitioner. However, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopath and other allied health professionals can also refer patients to Dr. Bajwa. In such situations, it is advisable that a referral letter from the patient’s usual GP is also obtained. Dr. Bajwa will provide correspondence or a reply report for all patients or it can also be forwarded to the health professional involved in the patient’s care.

What Is Needed For A Patient Referral?

Generally, a referral letter from the GP or another medical practitioner is all that is needed. Additional information, such as a medical summary or list of medications, is also recommended for optimal patient management.

What Diagnostic Studies Are Recommended?

Although diagnostic investigations recommended vary from patient to patient, the following is a general recommendation related to knee and hip problems.

Knee Problem (suspicious for arthritis)

Weight-Bearing Knee X-ray Series:

  • AP Weight-Bearing View
  • Lateral view
  • Rosenberg View
  • Skyline Patella View

Knee Problem (due to acute injury)

  • Knee Weight-Bearing Xray Series
  • Knee MRI

Hip Problem (suspicious for arthritis)

Hip Weight-Bearing Xray Series

  • AP Hip View
  • Lateral Hip View
  • AP Pelvis Weight-Bearing View

Hip Problem (Acute injury)

(Other Non-Arthritis Conditions)

Hip Weight-Bearing Xray Series Hip MRI

Referral Form

Dr. Bajwa has specialised referral forms individually printed to simplify patient referrals. Please complete the form below to have them sent to your office.

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    Dr Anandrao Nair Marg, Near Agripada, Mumbai Central,
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  • Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road

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